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About Us

Lovells Knits is a New Zealand based business built on the values handed down from a creative and highly practical grandmother, to her daughters and granddaughters.

Her ideas on the beauty, warmth and snug fit of wool combined with new techniques to make premium products such as merino more generally available and machine washable mean our families can be safer and ‘snugger’ in natural products than ever before.

New Zealand has many more sheep than people and now grows varieties of wool that have all the best qualities for comfort and care. A woolen garment is warm and handles light rain or spills with ease, it stretches to fit around individual shapes while draping well, it can be machine washed in cool water and while not tolerating hot dryers or heaters directly, manages to dry quickly if laid flat. Wool feels good and moulds itself to fit individually.

Today's global economy also means that the exquisite quality and benefits of New Zealand's merino wool can be shared across borders, shipping to other countries is easy and achievalble.

Lovells Knits is set up to make the ‘soft’ art of knitting accessible and easy for today's busy people. It’s about encouraging creativity and enjoyment in making garments that are “special” to fit our loved ones. Lovells aims to provide kits and materials to support a regeneration of the use of wool and other natural fibers in today’s context where values of quality and function combined with design are so relevant. 

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