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About Merino

Lovells 100% Pure Merino

Why you will love knitting in Lovells 100% Pure Merino for baby?
* versatile wool - use different needles and stitches to create a range of textures
* easy and quick to knit
* natural fibre – super soft next to baby’s skin, water resistant, cosy warmth that breaths
* easy care - wipe away spills, machine washable (delicate wool cycle only)
* easy-on easy-off
* stretchy & snug with wrap-up warm firmness

How do you care for Lovells 100% Pure Merino?

Garments knitted in 100% wool generally do not need to be washed too often,
the natural lanolin in pure wool means that spills just wipe off.

* Turn the garment inside out
* Machine wash cold mild cycle, or
* Handwash in cool water, gently (recommended)
* Dry flat
* Cool iron with damp cloth to press
* No bleaching, wash colours separately

Lovells Colours ‘knit with wit’

Lovells colours are based on 2 colour palettes:
* Soft and traditional – Polly Pink, Bobby Blue, Fresh Cream, Simply Sage, Bambi Brown
* Bright, fun and contemporary – Red Robin, Dirks Denim, Kelly Green, Charlie Chocolate

Colours have been selected to match with baby’s wardrobe and suit baby complexions. All colours go especially well with denim, stripes and patterns.

Try mixing the colour pallets, one of our favorites is Robin Red and Bobby Blue [see striped buggy blanket]

We have included fabric covered and wooden buttons where required, mainly on vests, tops of hats and to embellish slippers and maryjanes.

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